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Since her youth, immensely wealthy heiress Delphine Lotterby has been in love with the penniless Torrance Madigan (Maddy), but he loves her cousin, Lady Venetia Lotterby. In their summer trek from Cheshire to the Lake District, Delphine strives to convince Maddy he really loves her and not her cousin. At the same time, because of her great wealth, she must be ever vigilant to avoid abduction and being forced into an unwanted marriage. Delphine is risking all on the chance she can win Maddy’s love, marry him, and stop all the abduction attempts by the end of their trek.

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Book Reviews for "Taking A Chance"

I found myself absolutely pulled into this, not a book, but another world. A time, a place, which I could vision so clear in my mind. If you could imagine one of the works by the Bronte Sisters, or a renowned period drama on British TV, it would give you an idea of the content of this story.

Taking a Chance by author Celia Martin begins in the setting of Cheshire, England in 1654. The action is forefront as Delphine Lotterby, an extremely wealthy, young single woman, is once again the victim of a proposed abduction.

Set in this time period, with everything so different to modern day, many men will attempt to take her as their wife by force, in order to secure her vast estate. Throughout her life she has loved one man only, Torrance Madigan. though he is not aware of this. Indeed, he in turn, is in love with her beautiful cousin, Venetia.

In a tale of love, twists and danger, you will find yourself pulled along into the lives of the gentry, the ways of the times, just as if you were there yourself. With such detail in every scene, together with the factual timeline, you can feel every bump in the road as travellers take to coaches from one estate to another.

The highway robbers steal from the Roundheads to assist their King, Charles II. With many dangers to face and relationships to bloom, follow the well-written tale of times gone by. I’ve no hesitation to recommend this five- star read to new or old readers of historical fiction. I was thoroughly immersed in the storyline.

Trisha J. Kelly, Author, Living in England, Multi-genre author of children and middle-grade books, cozy mysteries, and crime thrillers. Winner of Best Children’s book 2018 and Best Juvenile Fantasy 2018.

Lovers of historical romance will find this book grabs them from the first line and enfolds them in a firm grip. Set just after the English Civil War, the story follows the fortunes of two beautiful cousins and their respective loves. Throw in a few abductions, highwaymen, and scheming noblemen, and the author takes us on a delightful romp through the sexual mores of the 17th century. Delphine navigates the difficulties faced by women in the 17th century, and having money is no guarantee of happiness. It can even be a liability which makes them a target for fortune hunters, and frustrates the path to true love.  

Celia Martin has clearly researched the period deeply. She captures the complex landscape of people dealing with Puritanism which squelches the fun out of life for ordinary people. It all makes a great backdrop for the wonderful heroine to shine as she strives to marry the man she loves.        

C. A. Asbrey, Author of a series of 19th century murder mysteries, The Innocents Mysteries Series. She has also written articles on history and forensics for various magazines and periodicals.

Celia Martin's books are available at all book retailers. Please use the above link to order the book.


December 1692. When Sefton Ridgely set out for Salem, Massachusetts in the hope of convincing Serenity Norcross to return with him to New York, he presumed when she agreed to accompany him, that they would be traveling the post road, and he had every expectation they would be spending their nights in, if not clean, at least dry, inns or ordinaries. They would talk, become better acquainted, and perhaps love would blossom as they sat before cozy fires in private chambers. Ridgely’s assumptions proved illusory. Instead, due to Serenity’s caring nature and readiness to help those less fortunate, they find themselves in one precarious situation after another, from camping out in a snowstorm to fording flooded creeks. His responsibilities increasing as first they adopt a baby whose mother died, then they agree to escort two stranded children to their next destination, he begins to wonder what else awaits them on their journey? Who else will Serenity befriend? But most importantly, will he ever have a chance to win Serenity’s love?

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Celia Martin's books are available at all book retailers. Please use the above link to order the book.


Convicted of witchcraft and sentenced to hang, Tempest Winslowe is swept from the gallows by Captain Garrett D’Arcy. Aboard the Wind Rover, Tempest forges new friendships and wins the admiration of the crew as first a pirate attack, and then a storm at sea test her mettle. But her most troublesome challenge lies in the containment of the impassioned fire that simmers just below the surface of her carefully controlled demeanor as she is thrown into close daily contact with her entirely too charming savior.

Her next book "With Every Breath I Take" will come out in November 2019. 

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Book Review for "A Bewitching Dilemma"

“A willful heroine cornered by a relentless foe and a dashing sea captain tormented by his past cast their lots against the tides of a history dark with treachery, storm-filled canvas, and hanging rope. A compelling read cover to cover.”   

Michael Donnelly Author of False Harbor and Awakening Curry Buckle

Celia Martin's books are available at all book retailers. Please use the above link to order the book.


Silverdale, Wa June 1st. Celia Martin's book is now available at all bookstores and retailers. 

Escaping England after the Royalist defeat at Worcester in 1651, Adler Hayward and his friend, Latimer Draye, join the Fortier family bound for New Netherland. Heartbroken at leaving his home and family, Adler finds solace in the eyes of Glynneth Fortier, the wife of Etienne Fortier, who suffers from consumption. Though Adler loves Glynneth more than life itself, he is devoted to her husband, and he and Draye are protective of the Fortier family. To earn their living, Adler and Draye become woodsmen, trading with the Mohawks and sharing several near-death adventures. As they settle into their lives in New Netherland, Adler and Glynneth cannot help but wonder what destiny awaits them in their strange and challenging new world.

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Book Reviews for "To Challenge Destiny"

Endorsed by award-winning author Curt Locklear

“If you yearn for a story skillfully told – if you like characters who find a home in your heart – if you enjoy historical accuracy blended masterfully into a story with robust action and enthralling, heart-wrenching romance, then To Challenge Destiny is your new favorite book. Being a historian myself, I cannot help but carefully monitor historical works for accurate details, and I am delighted with To Challenge Destiny. The attention to the accurate portrayal of seventeenth-century America and the customs of a variety of new-to-America Europeans; the topography of the new colonies; the exactness of the procedures for operating seagoing vessels; and even the plethora of languages and accents, add to the authenticity of the tale. The characters feel so real, it is as though you can reach out and touch them. The main hero and heroine, with their passions constrained by duty and honor, yearn for each other, but cannot unbind the knots of their lives with which destiny has bound them. Only when fate changes course is their love allowed to burst forth in exquisitely portrayed, intense scenes of passion. In amazing action sequences: the battles, the escapes, the weather, and, especially, the horrendous villains all play havoc on the characters. Who will survive? Will love triumph? You will thrill. You will cry. You will love To Challenge Destiny, your new favorite book. To Challenge Destiny is Masterful story-telling! Exquisite passion and breath-taking action! A historical romance feast!”

Curt Locklear, Award-winning Author, Editor, and Presenter. Winner of the National Laramie Award. Invited speaker at the 2019 National Historical Novel Society Conference. www.curtlocklearauthor.com

Professional Book Review

Celia Martin invokes this historical era with feeling and fidelity illustrating that she is, indeed, a student of history and not just a teacher. Martin possesses the literary powers necessary for transforming the texture and tone of 17th-century life into dramatic form while still maintaining the aforementioned historical accuracy. Too often such works fall into the trap of populating its fictional landscape with one-dimensional character while focusing the bulk of its attention on nailing down details, but Martin avoids such pitfalls with To Challenge Destiny. The novel’s four primary characters are rendered in a multi-dimensional fashion and never strain credibility. The novel’s conclusion is powerful and convincing. Overall, To Challenge Destiny more than lives up to its billing as a “romance adventure” and Martin proves throughout the course of the novel that she has the vision and talent to make bygone times come alive for modern readers. The book, as well, has a near ideal length and the pacing keeps readers involved and attentive rather than risking their loss of attention throughout self-indulgent sideshows. Lovers of historical and romance fiction alike will enjoy this novel.” 

 Anne Hollister, Professional Book Reviews

About The Author

Celia Martin is a former Social Studies/English teacher. Her love of history dates back to her earliest memories when she sat enthralled as her grandparents recounted tales of their past, As a child, she delighted in the make-believe games that she played with her siblings and friends, but as she grew up and had to put aside the games, she found she could not set aside her imagination. So, Celia took up writing stories for her own entertainment. She is an avid reader. She loves getting lost in a romance, but also enjoys good mysteries, exciting adventure stories, and fact-loaded historical documentaries. When her husband retired and they moved from California to the glorious Kitsap Peninsula in the state of Washington, she was able to begin a full-fledged writing career. And has never been happier. When not engaged in writing, Celia enjoys travel, keeping fit, and listening to a variety of different music styles.

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